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Childhood Crannies
Childhood Crannies
I was a loser.
So nobody wanted to play with me.
I was considered the biggest loser in the whole world, so everybody in school avoided me. Even the kids in my neighbourhood think so too. Nobody sits with me during lunch, nobody wants me in their group projects, nobody wants to talk to me, and nobody acknowledges my existence. It was as if I were a see-through plastic sheet.
I was not a bad kid. I hand in my homework on time. I stay back to clean the classroom. I score straight A's for my tests. Yet everyone still thinks I'm a loser.
Mean kids poke fun at me. They taunt me, they beat me, and they humiliate me. I reported it to my teacher and the bullies were punished. However, they only hated me even more.
One day, I walked into class, and everybody started staring at me as I headed towards my desk. The silence was overpowering, and I felt extremely uncomfortable.
When I sat down on my seat, the whole class suddenly roared with laughter. It was then
:iconthedemonofsloth:TheDemonOfSloth 11 5
The Mine
The Mine
If there was anything that children loved more than anything, it was adventure. Unless they were house dwellers, there was nothing more that excited the little runts than the thrill of the outdoors. If they were cooped indoors for too long, especially adventurous types, they might suffocate from boredom.
Magnus and his gang of friends were no different. Today, they all gathered in the treehouse that they painstakingly built and discussed about the things they would do today.
"I say we go climb mountains!" Soren suggested.
"Nah, I'd prefer to fight some mobs. I haven't practiced for a while; I think I'm getting rusty." Gabriel said as he stood up from the circle and started sparring with his stone sword.
"You all are booooring. I'd say we go and blow stuff up!" Magnus shouted with enthusiasm, waving a piece of flint and steel in the air.
"Aren't they all a bit too much for us? How the nether are we supposed to climb mountains when we can't even survive climbing up fift
:iconthedemonofsloth:TheDemonOfSloth 1 3


This is really awesome! The shading, lighting and the detail is admirable. The swirls in her mane makes her looks majestic and adds tex...

Well, I'm not the best in critiques, so here's what I have to say: What drew me to this picture is the background and the colours used ...

by Epulson

Well, this is my first critique, so I doubt 90% of you guys will ignore this. Anyway, here's what I have to say. The comic is really we...


How to Draw Clean Pencil Lines TUTORIAL by The-Ez How to Draw Clean Pencil Lines TUTORIAL :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,974 165
Anyone want me to draw them something?! I'm bored.
TBH, I'll most likely post it on Tumblr first.
:iconmatryonadraws:MatryonaDraws 1 12
Requests [OPEN] from 06/23 to 06/30
Hi there everyone!
After deep thoughts, I've decided to write this entry. Now, I'm certain most people know what requests are, but just to be clear, here's what I'm not drawing as requests (a difference between requests and commissions is needed after all ; w ; ) :
- More than 1 character in the same request
- More than 2 items (1 if it's really complicated)
- Detailed armors, mechas, and stuff like that
- Nudity 
Unless otherwise stated, requests are fullcoloured. And free, of course. The only thing I ask you in exchange is watching me on dA ( ^ w ^ )o
If you're interested in asking for one, please send me a note with references and specific details. 

DON'T FORGET sending a note and watching me so I can add you to the lists
Wow I didn't imagine I'll get this response xD Thanks to all of you posting and sending notes. I wish I could go with all of your requests, but I can't with more than 5 or 6 at a time. So here's the thing, I'm postin
:iconfukuroumii:fukuroumii 2 12
[Art Trade] TheDemonOfSloth by KaPaChan [Art Trade] TheDemonOfSloth :iconkapachan:KaPaChan 34 3
Requests and Art Trades (Updated)
Okay, for the first time; I will be opening requests and art trades to improve a bit on my anatomy. 
Rules for Art Trades:
1. Those you do art trade with me will do their part and and then I will do mine. If you don't your part, then you get nothing 
2. AUs and Crossovers are welcome
3. No fetishes 
(Naruto OCs) 
Rules for Requests

1. OCs 
2. Any Pairings
3. Pokemon
4. Digimon 
5. Portraits (Anime Style)
I don't draw 
1. Over sexualized characters
2. Political 
3. Hate Art
4. Sonic OCs
5. Fetishes
6. Hentai (Light or mild is fine) 
Slots for Requests: 
1. N3K0T3NShi1 
Neko OC
2. TheSparkInMySoul 
:iconwarriorshaymin:WarriorShaymin 1 35
Requests and Commissions
I'm offering to draw requests as a way of spreading out my art and name, gathering fans and followers and increasing my skills through challenges presented by those who seek requests.
So please,  let me draw something for you!
Pm me if you'd like something, and if you like my work please become a patron at and support me so I can buy the materials needed to produce quality work!
You can also find me on facebook, twitter (cid_ix) and on Amino (rwby, dbz)
Thank you!
:iconchibireaperarts:ChibiReaperArts 6 9
Request box - Always open!
Finally I've decided to open this!
I want to practice more new styles like pixel art, improve the way I draw hair, anatomy, etc.
*How to request
You don't need to be a watcher so feel free to comment!Don't need to ask for it.Please give colored and clear references of your character.You can put a little of information about them. ;D
*Please don't...
Ask for a slot. Slots don't exist here! *O*Tell me all the details as if this were a commission. I only ask for characters to draw ;n;
*You should know that...
I will choose any character I want to draw.The image can be a fullbody, chibi, pixel art, etc.I won't reply your comment.You can request more than one! Put all the characters you want, yours, for other ones...If you're an old watcher you know that I usually do less than 4 characters in one image, but I'll try to put a bunch of them in one.
*Your character...

CAN BE: animal, human, anthro or canon characters CAN'T BE: robots, NSFW
*Note that..
:icono-alexr-o:o-AlexR-o 7 25
Re-Opening Summer Requests
so since after i ended my exams i already started my summer vocation , in this summer i am going to re-open requests to june 15 to july 25 .
i know i wasn't able to do the requests because of my school , i didn't even have much time , so i have close down the requests , for now on i have given a chance to bring it back in this today's summer.

Start at 
End at July 25th
*Don't request me for fetishes .
*Don't request me for stupid requests .
*Don't claim it your the one you drew it .
*When i received you already your request don't demand me to change it again , if there's any mistake's please ask me .
Thank you
:iconfox999999999:fox999999999 6 110
Detention by ZeTrystan Detention :iconzetrystan:ZeTrystan 193 32
Fan Art Request Box [Open]
No OCs this time//
Feel free to comment below and request any character from any franchise ~ I will not be replying to any of them (unless they are questions regarding this journal) but I will feature those I am interested in--
Any of your favorite anime/cartoon/game/comic characters or someone that you think would suit my style :heart: 
What I won't draw tho:
- Bare chests/Anything too revealing/Nudity 
- Heavy gore
- Fetishes
- Heavily muscular people/facial hair (Y'all... my style does not work well with this)
- Detailed robots
Please take note that I will not be accepting all of them! These are more or less experimental/stress relievers ; o ; 
Thanks for commenting ;^)
:iconfrostyoli:Frostyoli 4 22
15 Requests
Hello guys. Requests are open. I'm still busy, but then get a free time, will draw something, I have much sketches of my characters. Just waiting, like always ^^;
here's some rules:
- just one character - fan oc, original oc, canon character.. whatever you want.
- can Draw anthro, humans, ponies and other animals, Don't draw cars and mechas.
- just a one request for a one person.
- full body or headshot - I decide it.
- don't rush me. Yes, I'm slow, so you can be waiting for years.
- My English is bad, I know that.
the first fifteen people who write here - may ask for a gift-request:
2. :iconMega-PoNEO:
3. :iconTrinity-Cake:
4. :iconlayra2185:
5. :iconcotokun:
6. :iconjackkuro:
7. :iconmicole66:
8. :iconmartynThings:
9. :iconpuzthatsortadraws:
10. :iconxMiniMoo:
11. :iconthedemonofsloth:
12. :iconkaoninjaratzu:
13. ...
14. ...
15. ...
:iconiluzy:iluzy 3 39
Sophie and Wales by RikaMrdj Sophie and Wales :iconrikamrdj:RikaMrdj 11 14 Car Show by CLUBBiZZAREX Car Show :iconclubbizzarex:CLUBBiZZAREX 204 93 Candy-chan~! by CLUBBiZZAREX Candy-chan~! :iconclubbizzarex:CLUBBiZZAREX 101 33 Merry Christmas! by Ayakass Merry Christmas! :iconayakass:Ayakass 55 36 Dashan x Julian by Ayakass Dashan x Julian :iconayakass:Ayakass 29 7




I'm going through a phase where all I can think/draw/write is ALL MFB. 

excalibur ftw 
Every time I see a whale
Every time I see a goat
Every time I see a peacock
Every time I see a munchkin
Every time I eat spaghetti 
I am now trash for Metal Fight Beyblade (again)
Excalibur ftwwwww everyone else sucks okay
Hey guys, I'm going on hiatus (content making) until mid November. This is my reason for not being active and giving out a heap load of comments to lovely MCSM fanarts (I do come back and comment from time to time, but not a lot), but be prepared when I return as I will spam your inboxes with comments. :meow:


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I'm in poly and im dying yet at the same time im okay with this torture that I inflict on myself

i am now suffering existential crisis because I am now addicted to a dead ass fandom and its like my only life support


wait i can only have one otp its called ONE true pairing for a reason
w/ever idc


Artist | Student | Traditional Art

I love to draw and write. Whewwwww.

I'm either known as TheDemoOfSloth or BelleEve.

My younger (and inactive, lazy) sister: :iconpinkielyra: DON'T YOU DARE GIVE HER A HARD TIME. :icondeathstareplz:



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Oh, and one more thing:
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